all recipes plus Uncategorized How to Cook Tasty Cooked rice with clams and deep-fried bean curd (aburaage)

How to Cook Tasty Cooked rice with clams and deep-fried bean curd (aburaage)

Cooked rice with clams and deep-fried bean curd (aburaage). Cooked rice is common to us. This is a healthy salad which uses Aburaage (deep fried tofu) as croutons. Aburaage can be found in Japanese or Asian Supermarkets sold in the frozen food section if not sold.

Cooked rice with clams and deep-fried bean curd (aburaage) They are first fried at a lower Japanese Aburaage is made in the same way as Chinese tofu puffs or other Asian bean curd puffs. When the slices are deep fried, they turn crinkly and form an air pocket inside. You can find aburaage in the refrigerated or freezer section of a Japanese I always keep aburaage in the freezer until I need them. You can cook Cooked rice with clams and deep-fried bean curd (aburaage) using 6 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Cooked rice with clams and deep-fried bean curd (aburaage)

  1. It’s 200 g of boiled clams.
  2. Prepare 1 sheet of deep-fried bean curd.
  3. Prepare 2 cups of rice.
  4. Prepare 1 tablespoon of sake.
  5. It’s 2 tablespoons of dashi base.
  6. You need 1 pack of dried bonito.

In Japan, aburaage are mostly used in stewed dishes, soups, and so on. Fried bean curd is a savory Chinese snack that can also be eaten as a first course appetizer or as a buffet menu item. Pour the oil into the wok or deep pan or pot. Place the fried pieces of bean curd on a plate lined with absorbent paper.

Cooked rice with clams and deep-fried bean curd (aburaage) step by step

  1. Rince 2 cups of rice and place the rice in a pan of ricecooker and pour 2 cups of water..
  2. Slice a deep-fried bean curd into small pieces..
  3. Add the clams and the deep-fried bean curd on the top of the rice in the ricecooker..
  4. Season it with sake, dashi base and dried bonito..
  5. Let it sit for 30 munites, then turn the ricecooker on..
  6. When the rice is cooked, it's done. Mix it and serve in a Japanese rice bowl..

Sprinkle with soy sauce and the salt and pepper mixture.. Fried Rice (Cauliflower) – Rice cooker/ Rice/Tangle used for stock (Japanese DASHI) – Kwetiau Goreng (Fried Rice-flat Noodle) – Indonesia – Cooked rice with clams and deep-fried bean curd (aburaage) – Mushrooms shrimp fried rice – Beefy Cabbage rice soup – How to cook rice with a pot. Chinese red bean curd is a type of bean curd preserved with rice wine and seasonings. Red bean curd is used in recipes for its flavor as well as its deep red color. It can be found as an ingredient in braised meat dishes and stews, as well as vegetarian stir-fries.

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