Recipe: Yummy Stuffed Green Peppers

Stuffed Green Peppers. Green bell peppers stuffed with ground beef, rice, and sharp Cheddar cheese are a hearty meal Here's a delicious stuffed pepper recipe that's easy to make. Watch how to make baked green peppers filled with a saucy ground beef, rice, and cheese mixture. Classic stuffed peppers bring out the best in a simple filling, rice and testy tomato sauce.

Stuffed Green Peppers If they fall over, cut away a little of the bottoms (without cutting through the. Spicy stuffed green peppers in crock pot online recipes today! Healthier stuffed green peppers with sausage special on juru solek recipes site. You can cook Stuffed Green Peppers using 11 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Stuffed Green Peppers

  1. You need of large Bell Peppers.
  2. Prepare of Ground Beef.
  3. It’s of Chopped Onion.
  4. Prepare of Uncooked Rice.
  5. You need of Water.
  6. It’s of Pasta Sauce.
  7. You need of Worschestier Sauce.
  8. You need of Garlic Powder to taste.
  9. Prepare of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese.
  10. You need of Chopped Peppers.
  11. It’s of Salt & Pepper to taste.

Serve colourful, flavour-packed stuffed peppers for a light Mediterranean-style supper. Choose from a range of fillings, including meat and vegetarian options. Hundreds of satisfied home cooks agree: this stuffed peppers recipe is a winner. And it's no wonder why—even picky eaters love stuffed peppers (hint: they taste like cheeseburgers).

Stuffed Green Peppers instructions

  1. Cut tops off the peppers, remove stems, seeds, and membranes. Chop enough of the tops to make 1/2 cup..
  2. In a large pot, boil enough water to cover peppers..
  3. Add peppers and boil for 5 minutes..
  4. Remove from water and let cool. Sprinkle insides with a little salt..
  5. Pre heat oven to 350..
  6. In a skillet, cook beef, onions, and chopped pepper until beef is brown and veggies are soft. Season with salt & pepper..
  7. Add water, uncooked rice, worcestershire sauce and garlic powder..
  8. Bring to a boil then lower heat, cover and let simmer for 20 minutes..
  9. Add pasta sauce and mix well..
  10. Stuff the peppers and top with cheese..
  11. Bake for 30 minutes..
  12. Serve hot and enjoy!.

Stuffed Green Peppers/Kidney FriendlyJust a Pinch. Quick Stuffed Green PeppersFoodista. water, spanish rice, green pepper, tomato soup, onions, ground beef. Stuffed green peppers make an easy meal anytime. My twins, Anne Parker and Leigh Harper, used to eat them right out of the garden when they were little. Peppers are the perfect food for stuffing.

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