all recipes plus Uncategorized Recipe: Tasty Oven steamed sea trout

Recipe: Tasty Oven steamed sea trout

Oven steamed sea trout. Oven steamed sea trout fillets, this works better than wrapping fish parcels in aluminium foil. This easy oven baked trout recipe always gets rave reviews. Baking whole trout in foil packets Jump to the Easy Oven Baked Trout Recipe or watch our quick recipe video showing you how to make it.

Oven steamed sea trout Oven steaming makes this recipe for Asian Style Oven Steamed Trout super moist, and super flavorful. Easy to make, low in fat and calories, it's a great way to incorporate more fish into your diet. How to Cook Fish – Oven Baked Easy Lemon Butter Garlic – Sea Bass. You can have Oven steamed sea trout using 9 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Oven steamed sea trout

  1. It’s 1 of sea trout, filleted and skinned (about 600g for 4 people).
  2. It’s of olive oil.
  3. Prepare of smoked salt.
  4. It’s of black pepper.
  5. Prepare of juice from 1 lemon.
  6. Prepare 1/2 bunch of fresh dill, chopped finely.
  7. Prepare of To serve:.
  8. Prepare 200 g of fresh samphire.
  9. Prepare of quartered lemon.

The Best Sea Trout Recipes on Yummly Sea Trout Summer Meal, Sea Trout, New Potato And Asparagus Traybake With Dill Mustard Sauce, Oven Steamed Sea Trout. Baking trout isn't difficult and is an excellent way to retain the flavor and healthy qualities of the fish. Drizzle sherry evenly over trout; sprinkle with ginger.

Oven steamed sea trout instructions

  1. If you’re a lucky owner of an oven with moisture injection function (but not steam oven), just set the oven to the appropriate programme at 130C/250F. The rest of us proceed as below..
  2. Rinse and pat dry the sea trout sides, and cut them into portions of about 150g per person..
  3. Preheat the oven to 130C/250F/gas ½..
  4. Arrange one rack in the top half of the oven, with another rack in the bottom half, with space enough to put a cast iron skillet or a frying pan on the lower shelf..
  5. Pick the samphire off the toughest, woody stems and rinse with cold water. Place it in a pan with enough water to cover it..
  6. Season the sea trout with the smoked salt and pepper, drizzle with lemon juice and olive oil and arrange on a thin baking sheet. Sprinkle half the dill over the fish..
  7. Boil water in a cast iron skillet or a heavy frying pan and put in the oven on the lower rack; place the fish on the top rack and close the oven door immediately..
  8. Bake the trout for 10 minutes; it will turn very pale pink. In the meantime bring the samphire to the boil, drain, return to the pan and keep warm..
  9. Serve the trout fillets on a bed of samphire, sprinkled with the reserved dill and with the lemon quarters on the side..

Sprinkle evenly with green onions and cilantro. Serve with additional soy sauce to taste. The aroma of fresh, steaming trout is intoxicating. Gently pulled off the bone with a fork, and eaten only with some crusty bread dipped in. Fold each piece of parchment in half; open and place one trout fillet, skin-side down, close to the fold.

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