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Recipe: Delicious Custard rice kheer

Custard rice kheer. Kheer is a North Indian pudding which is enjoyed all over India in different ways. Normally it is made with Rice and Milk but we can make the changes. Rice kheer is basically rice pudding made with basmati rice, milk, nuts and saffron.

Custard rice kheer Kheer recipe – Rice kheer is a one pot traditional Indian sweet dessert made for festivals Chawal ki kheer or rice kheer is a traditional rice pudding made for most occasions in Indian homes. Creamy and aromatic Rice Kheer aka Indian Rice Pudding is made with basic ingredients, and is the quintessential Indian dessert that every Indian grows up eating. Flavored with cardamom, nuts & rose. You can cook Custard rice kheer using 8 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Custard rice kheer

  1. You need of full cream milk.
  2. You need of rice.
  3. You need of custard powder.
  4. Prepare of sugar.
  5. You need of vanilla icecream.
  6. It’s of chocolate syrup.
  7. Prepare of strawberry syrup.
  8. Prepare of chopped dryfruits.

Rice kheer is one traditional favorite all across India, particularly in the south, where it's one of the most preferred But, these days rice kheer may be made quickly with condensed milk and cooked rice. Rice Kheer recipe is the most famous kheer in North India. Made by simmering rice and milk in heavy, large bronze vessels for a long time, this rice kheer has a rich taste and attractive pink colour. Rice kheer further cooked with custard and chocolate.

Custard rice kheer instructions

  1. Mix custard powder in 1/2 cup milk.
  2. Boil remaining milk on low flame.
  3. Wash rice and add in boiling milk.
  4. Cook on low flame and stir occasionally.
  5. When the rice is cooked and kheer Is ready mix custard milk and cook for 5 minutes.
  6. Mix sugar and switch off the flame.
  7. Let it cool on room temperature and keep in fridge.
  8. For serving pour chocolate syrup in glasses.
  9. Then pour kheer,1-1 scoop icecream,c chocolate syrup,dryftuits and strawberry syrup at last.
  10. Serve chilled.

Ingredients for Chocolate Custard Kheer Recipe. Rice Custard Kheer [Ramadan Special] – Zaika Mere Kitchen Ka. Welcome to my channel today you are going to view a video of Rice Custard Kheer [Ramadan Special]. kheer pudding rice almond custard dessert dinner eid firni india malai pakistan pistachio ramadan rasmalai antique bowl breakfast chilled cooked creamy diwali entertain food garnish guest hospitality. Saffron rice kheer – Indian rice pudding – one pot dessert recipe makes an easy Indian dessert for navratri, diwali or holi festival. Kheer recipe with stovetop & Instant pot options – Rice kheer is a one pot traditional Indian sweet dessert made for festivals & celebrations.

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