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Easiest Way to Cook Yummy Zucchini Carrot Apple Muffins

Zucchini Carrot Apple Muffins.

Zucchini Carrot Apple Muffins You can have Zucchini Carrot Apple Muffins using 13 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Zucchini Carrot Apple Muffins

  1. It’s 1 of Apple (finely diced).
  2. You need 1 cup of Carrots (shredded).
  3. It’s 1 of small Zucchini (shredded).
  4. Prepare 1/2 cup of Sugar.
  5. You need 1 cup of Splenda.
  6. It’s 2 of Eggs.
  7. Prepare 1 cup of Oil.
  8. It’s 3 cups of Flour.
  9. You need 1 tsp of Salt.
  10. You need 1 tsp of Baking Soda.
  11. Prepare 1 tsp of Cinnamon.
  12. It’s 1 cup of Chopped Walnuts (optional).
  13. It’s 1/2 cup of Raisins (optional).

Zucchini Carrot Apple Muffins step by step

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F, line muffin tin(s) with cupcake liners, set aside.
  2. In a medium bowl, mix together sugars, oil and eggs..
  3. In a large bowl, whisk together flour, salt, baking soda, and cinnamon. Slowly add sugar/egg mixture to flour mixture. Batter will be very thick. If mixture is too dry, add another egg..
  4. Mix in apple, zucchini, carrot, walnut and raisins..
  5. Fill muffin tin 2/3 full..
  6. Bake for 20-25 mins or until toothpick inserted in middle of muffin comes out clean and muffins are golden brown..
  7. Cool muffins on a cooling rack, store in an air tight container.

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