Recipe: Delicious Mike's French Onion & Mushroom Soup

Mike's French Onion & Mushroom Soup. A French Onion Soup recipe we heard you say!? No problem, French Guy Cooking to the rescue. Sweet onions, melted cheese and finished with a gnarly top.

Mike's French Onion & Mushroom Soup Alton makes traditional French onion soup with a crust of bread and cheese. This video is part of Good Eats show hosted by Alton Brown. When French Onion Soup meets Smothered Pork Chops, very good things happen…. You can cook Mike's French Onion & Mushroom Soup using 19 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Mike's French Onion & Mushroom Soup

  1. It’s of ● For The Vegetables [all rough chopped].
  2. Prepare of Box Premium Baby Bellas [stems removed].
  3. It’s of EX LG Vidalia Onion [you'll need its sweetness].
  4. It’s of LG Red Onion.
  5. It’s of Green Onions.
  6. It’s of Fresh Parsley Leaves [optional].
  7. It’s of Whole Garlic Cloves.
  8. It’s of ● For The Broth [pre-mix before adding to veggies].
  9. You need of Boxes Swansons Broth.
  10. Prepare of Packages Lipton Onion Soup Mix.
  11. Prepare of Powdered Au Jus Mix [optional].
  12. Prepare of Fresh Thyme.
  13. You need of Fresh Ground Black Pepper.
  14. Prepare of Crushed Bay Leaves.
  15. Prepare of Salted Butter.
  16. It’s of ● For The Options [as needed].
  17. You need of Gruyère [or swiss] Cheese.
  18. Prepare of Fresh Seasoned Crustiinis.
  19. It’s of Fresh French Bread.

These juicy pan seared pork chops are served with an incredible French Onion flavoured gravy made with. French onion soup is a bistro classic, the most homey and delicious example of good café cooking. But only a handful of frugal ingredients make up this restaurant favorite. French onion soup (French: soupe à l'oignon [sup a lɔɲɔ̃]) is a type of soup usually based on meat stock and onions, and often served gratinéed with croutons or a larger piece of bread covered with.

Mike's French Onion & Mushroom Soup step by step

  1. Rough chop all vegetables..
  2. Heat 2 cups broth and add all seasonings. Including butter. Whisk well..
  3. Add everything together and simmer for 30+ minutes covered on medium. Stir occasionally..
  4. Crustiinis and Gruyère Cheese pictured..
  5. Fresh crispy French bread pictured..
  6. Serve hot with melted Gruyère Cheese, [or swiss] crustiinis and fresh French bread. Enjoy and feel better!.

Tarte a l'Oignon (French Onion Pie). Tarte a l'Oignon (French Onion Pie). Grilled Onion is an easy, delicious recipe for the campfire or just grilling out. They're always a bit hit when we're camping! Below are two different grilled onion recipe options, based on which ingredients.

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