How to Make Yummy Chef salad

Chef salad. Chef salad (or chef's salad) is an American salad consisting of hard-boiled eggs; one or more varieties of meat, such as ham, turkey, chicken, or roast beef; tomatoes; cucumbers; and cheese; all placed upon a bed of tossed lettuce or other leaf vegetables. Several early recipes also include anchovies. This Chef salad recipe is an all American classic!

Chef salad Leaf lettuce topped with ham, turkey, cheese, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs and croutons. Chef's Salad – Packed with fresh veggies, eggs, deli meats, and cheese, this wonderful main dish salad makes for a Chef's Salad may not be the world's best amazing salad (YES it is!), but it is. A chef's salad is a big salad that is usually served as a meal of its own. You can have Chef salad using 7 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chef salad

  1. Prepare of eggs Hard boiled eggs.
  2. You need of salad greens.
  3. Prepare of cooked cubed ham or ham lunch meat.
  4. It’s of deli rotisserie chicken shredded or can use chicken lunch meat I use the chicken lunch meat.
  5. You need of Shredded cheddar cheese.
  6. It’s of Grape tomatoes.
  7. Prepare of Rolls for sided items and dressings.

It consists of a variety of The salad can be served with a variety of different dressings. No one can agree about the origins of chef's. This fabulous Chef Salad will fit that bill perfectly! This traditionally America salad combines hard boiled eggs, several varieties of meats such as ham, turkey, roast beef or.

Chef salad step by step

  1. Make hard boiled eggs.
  2. Make your salad, cut the hard boiled eggs in half lay on the top of salad as a picture.

Recipe courtesy of Food Network Kitchen. Chefs Salad with Applewood Smoked Bacon Turkey and Tomato-Y French Dressing. Light salads for active and slim, festive salads for hospitable and cheerful, original salads for bright I've been collecting various tasty salads recipes in this section from the world's best chefs, which. Chef Salad • The Pinning Mama. This Chef Salad recipe is super EASY and loaded with flavors.

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