How to Prepare Tasty Orange Buttercake

how to prepare tasty orange buttercake

Orange Buttercake.

Orange Buttercake You can have Orange Buttercake using 10 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Orange Buttercake

  1. Prepare of butter.
  2. It’s of caster sugar.
  3. It’s of large egg.
  4. It’s of self raising flour.
  5. Prepare of milk.
  6. Prepare of orange zest into the batter.
  7. You need of filling.
  8. You need of icing sugar.
  9. You need of butter.
  10. It’s of marmelade and orange jeez.

Orange Buttercake instructions

  1. Preheat oven 180 C, whisk melted butter and sugar untill fluffy then add in the egg, flour,milk then fresh orange zest, mix well.
  2. Buttered and pour the batter all in and Bake at 180 C for 20 to 25 minute, once done let it cool.
  3. FOR THE FILLING,beat the butter with icing sugar till its fluffy.
  4. Once cake ready cut into half spread the icing on one side and spread mermalade on the other side then assamble then springkle with orange zest and icing sugar.

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