How to Cook Yummy Berry Vanilla Trifle

Berry Vanilla Trifle. Sharing a trifle recipe perfect for summer entertaining! This fruity and delicious Very Berry Vanilla Cake Trifle is simple to prepare and so delicious! Your family and friends will love the colorful layers.

Berry Vanilla Trifle Place cake mix, eggs, milk, oil, sour cream and vanilla pudding mix into a large mixing bowl. Repeat another layer of cake, whipped cream and berries filling to the top of your trifle bowl. Layer another one-third of yogurt mixture over berries, followed by a layer of remaining ladyfingers. You can cook Berry Vanilla Trifle using 6 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Berry Vanilla Trifle

  1. You need of vanilla jello pudding.
  2. You need of big bucket of Cool Whip.
  3. Prepare of basket of Strawberries.
  4. It’s of basket of blueberries.
  5. It’s of of golden cake mix (or a cake mix of your choosing).
  6. It’s of clear bowl (to see trifle layers).

Berry trifles make wonderful (and patriotic) summer party desserts. This mixed summer berry trifle is a delightful, show stopping dessert. Two layers of angel food cake, vanilla-lemon cream cheese, vanilla pudding, mixed berries and whipped topping. This easy Berry Trifle includes layers of cake, fresh berries, whipped cream and pudding (optional).

Berry Vanilla Trifle instructions

  1. Follow instructions for desire cake mix, let baked cake cool..
  2. Follow directions on pudding packets. Allow pudding to cool..
  3. Prep berries by washing them and removing the leaves of the strawberries and cutting the strawberries in slices. (for an easy cut I used an egg slicer to slice the strawberries).
  4. Cut the cooled cake in to tiny sqaures. Just run a knife in thin rows and columns across the cake..
  5. Layering: Pudding, Cake, Cool Whip, Berries. Repeat till pudding is finised. Make sure the last layer is Cool Whip..
  6. When placing the berries, to have a nice design, Place strawberries standing on the side of the bowl all around the circle..
  7. When finished with the last layer of Cool Whip. Make your own design..

Take a shortcut with store bought pound cake or angel food cake – or make your own. The Best Berry Trifle made with Cream Cheese Pound Cake layered with Sweet Vanilla Pudding, Fresh Berries, and Whipped Cream. Years ago I went through a "trifle" stage. To serve, spoon the trifle into serving bowls and eat immediately. Thickening the custard with a little cornflour will prevent the cream topping from sinking.

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