How to Cook Perfect Baked stuffed Sweet Potato

how to cook perfect baked stuffed sweet potato

Baked stuffed Sweet Potato.

Baked stuffed Sweet Potato You can cook Baked stuffed Sweet Potato using 7 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Baked stuffed Sweet Potato

  1. You need of sweet potato.
  2. Prepare of broken wheat.
  3. You need of sweet corn.
  4. It’s of lemon juice.
  5. You need of Salt as per taste.
  6. Prepare of Italian seasoning.
  7. You need of Chilly flakes.

Baked stuffed Sweet Potato step by step

  1. Soak broken wheat for 30 minutes..
  2. Wash and put a cut into two sweet potatoes..
  3. Bake it on 380 for 45 minutes in pretty heated oven or until in cooker oven for 30 minutes until cooked..
  4. Boil broken wheat and corn kernels for 5 minutes..
  5. Drain and dry it for 2-3 minutes..
  6. Add all dry masalas and corriander..
  7. Mix thoroughly. Add lemon juice to it..
  8. Stuff this mix in baked potatoes. Drizzle some drops of olive oil. Bake for another five minutes..
  9. Enjoy this heavenly healthy baked potatoes when warm..

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