Easiest Way to Make Delicious Jelly Fruit Cake

easiest way to make delicious jelly fruit cake

Jelly Fruit Cake.

Jelly Fruit Cake You can cook Jelly Fruit Cake using 10 ingredients and 13 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Jelly Fruit Cake

  1. You need of For Fruit Jelly (First Layer).
  2. Prepare of Gelatin.
  3. Prepare of As Required Water (To dissolve Gelatin).
  4. You need of Red Tutti Fruities.
  5. Prepare of Green Tutti Fruities.
  6. It’s of For Cream Filling (Second Layer).
  7. It’s of and 1/2 Cup Whipping Cream.
  8. Prepare of For Orange Jelly (Third Layer).
  9. You need of and 2 Tbsp Orange Jelly Powder.
  10. It’s of As Required Water (To dissolve Jelly Powder).

Jelly Fruit Cake instructions

  1. For First Layer, in a pot add Water. Wait for a boil..
  2. Now add the Gelatin. Mix really well to prevent lumps..
  3. Turn off the Flame. Now Mix Red Tutti Fruities and Green Tutti Fruities in the Gelatin Mixture..
  4. Add the Tutti Fruities Gelatin Mixture in a Serving Dish. Put it in the Freezer until Freezed..
  5. Now Whip the Whipping Cream. Add it on Top of the Fruit Jelly Layer..
  6. Put it in the Freezer until Chilled and Freezed..
  7. For the Orange Layer, Add Water in a pot. Wait for a Boil..
  8. Now add Orange Jelly and Mix before Lumps Forms..
  9. Add it on Top of the Whipping Cream Layer and put it in the Freezer..
  10. Freeze until Jelly is Freezed..
  11. When everything is Freezed take it out of the Freezer and turn it upside down to get out the Jelly..
  12. Yummiest Jelly Fruits Cake is Ready. You can see I also served it in Square Pieces..
  13. Enjoy your meal..

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